Nkanu East LG Vs Isi ụzọ LG, Saturday October 22 2022

Isi Izo LG team

Nkanu East LG team

S-E-S-N-M sports news, a tree Cannot make a forest Tony Greizmann Ik of Nkanu East LG proved worthy, King & Alaba of Isi ụzọ LG shines, as Isi ụzọ LG Defeats stubborn Nkanu East LG 2-0 at sansiro Onoli Stadium.

*Captain king of isi ụzọ LG wins man of the match*

*VOTE competent. VOTE credibility. VOTE transparency. VOTE ADC Enugu State Governorship candidate, Eloquent scholar, Erudite Leader, incalculable philanthropist. A technocrat, the donor of the S-E-S-N-M Enugu State unity cup first and second Edition His Excellency Pastor Obi, for the Executive Governor Enugu state 2023.*