Praying the Righteous into Leadership PT I, Febraury 10th 2019

Praying the Righteous into Leadership PT I, Febraury 10th 2019

Ogene Group welcoming the His Excellency Pastor Donatus Obi Ozoemena.

Every Greatness recorded in history, took its route from an ALTAR. An altar is a supernatural controlling Power. An altAr can altEr a destiny for greatness or destruction.


This movement took another dimension yesterday at *Awgu L.G.A* where the Enugu West Zone of the *Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria(PFN)* came together in a corporate anointing to raise an Altar for good governance with *His Excellency- Pst. Donatus Obi Ozoemena and Ndi Enugu* as the *Beneficiaries*. Presidents of the various PFN chapters of Enugu West Zone ( *Awgu*- Pst Excel; *Aninri*- Rev. Alinta; *Udi*- Rev. Chidi *Ezeagu*- Rev. Joseph and *Oji River*- Pst Kingsley) were all present.

On arrival at Awgu, *His Excellency- Pst. Donatus Obi Ozoemena*, first paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Highness- *Igwe Nwobu* of Awgu. At Igwe Nwobu's Palace, His Excellency introduced his entourage- the incoming First Lady- Pst. Happy Ozoemena; the Deputy Governorship Candidate- Engr. Sunday Aroh, UDP State Chairman- Prince Ngene and other very important persons in the entourage. He presented some gifts and officially told the Igwe of his divine mission to be the next Governor of Enugu State. UDP Party Chairman- Prince Ngene enlightened the Igwe on the Party Logo(Hoe, Moon and House) to enable smooth vote cast. The Igwe responded by thanking His Excellency and the team for this historic visit and the gifts and also gave his blessings saying, "you shall accomplish that which you have set out to do". The team departed Igwe Nwobu's Palace for Orie Market Square, the heart of Awgu where buying and selling takes place. Raising an altar at the Market square is so significant because I believe *Life is a Market, you pay a price and take what you want from it.* This resulted in the coming together of anointed men, God's ordained Priests and Generals to pay the price of Greatness by *Praying In A Righteous Man Into The Government House of Enugu State*. I strongly Believe your Destiny answers to the Altar that speaks for you. Its a divide, its either the Almighty God's Altar speaks for you and determine your destiny or occultic powerless altar speaks for you and determine your destiny. You MUST make a choice as you can't be on the fence of this divide. As for His Excellency- Pst. Donatus Obi Ozoemena and the UDP Team, we choose God's altar and this was established as God's Ordained Priests came together to raise this altar that would enthrone Godly Leadership in Enugu State.

*Stay Plugged for Details of the Event in the next phase of this report*

*No AltAr shall AltEr your destiny for obscurity and destruction*

*Rich Onos Obie*

*Media and Publicity Director*

Inside Igwe Nwobu of Awgu Palace

Inside Igwe Nwobu of Awgu Palace

The arrival of His Excellency Pastor Donatus Obi Ozoemena at Igwe Okosisi Nwobi's Palace

This is why she calls me "International Papparazi"!

The Incoming First Couple of Enugu State. Ndi Enugu be ready for this kind of Love Expressions!