Coal Camp, February 20th, 2019


February 20th, 2019

When you give anything all it takes, you get all it contains- my mum told me that. And if you want to make news, you must make moves! These truths underlines this movement. We must commend our Principal, the incoming *Governor of Enugu State and our incoming First Lady- Pst and Pst Mrs Obi Ozoemena* for leading by examples. Everyone involved in this movement and even birds in the air, the grasses in the field, the sun, the wind and heaven knows we are giving this all it takes and we are consistently making moves. We have taken it from Local Govt. to Local Govt.; Ward to Ward; Community to Community; Road to Road, Street to Street; Slums to Slums; Block to Block; House to House; Door to Door; Neighbor to Neighbor and we keep moving everyday. Big thumbs up to the team that's on the go everyday. Let's not wary, let's keep going cos we are very close to the goal(Lion Building).

Yesterday 19th February, 2019; the team was on the go again. They say they are grassroot politicians but we say we are not politicians, that we are here on a mission to work with everybody to make Enugu great again. Well, they can claim grassroot but they know that we are the root of the grass.

The team visited Agric Community, around coal camp- A slum where people live in zinc and wooden constructed houses, use unclean water for domestic purposes, unhealthy environment and so on. This living conditions, underlines the reason why *His Excellency- the Governorship Candidate of the United Democratic Party, Pst. Donatus Obi Ozoemena* abandoned his own robust and cool living conditions in the United States to come undertake the mission of improving the lives of the Enugu State people as he vowed to see this mission to the end. The team took it from the slum to the roads for roadshow, then to Ogbete Market- the biggest market in Enugu State. The team led by *Pst. and Pst. Mrs Obi Ozoemena* canvassed, solicited, enlightened, educated the people on *Voting UDP* to make Enugu great again. The people responded with acceptance as they express joy and excitement.

The train went around the market and took off to the domicile terminal(office) to go again today 20th February, 2019 by 12noon.


*Report by*

*Rich Onos Obie*

*Media and Publicity Director*

Girl Child Education is Her Excellency's Priority

The Stream the Community fetch water for domestic use

Can you see the unhealthy environment?

Members of the team engaging the youths of the community.

Waving goodbye from the community

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