OJI RIVER, Wednesday February 27, 2019

Update on 2019 star of hope movement to OJI RIVER on Wednesday February 27th, 2019


A recap from Oji-River as the Star of Hope brought hope to the people of Oji River.... Below are clips from the event....

*The visually impaired music group comes first as they are the next big thing that shall happen to the musical industry.* *His and Her Excellencies- Pst. and Pst. Mrs Obi Ozoemena hold them in high esteem*

*#Cross Section*

*The huge welcome by the visually impaired (blind) music group*

*I was personally touched by this beautiful performance... His Excellency screamed, "these guys are big stars"*

*#Handshake with the Oji River Youth Leader*

*Cross Section of the Visually impaired (blind) people and His Excellency assured them of their place in the Lion Building*

*#Nnedioranma! Nwanyi Oma! Ezigbo Nwanyi with Beauty and Brain... The P.O.S (Pillar of Support) of His Excellency. She is strong, deadly committed and determined! That is Her Excellency Pst. Happy Ozoemena*

*Her Excellency assuring the women she shall protect their interest at the Lion Building*

*You know him... He is the incoming Governor of Enugu State under the platform of UDP(Hoe, Moon and House). A man sent to undertake the mission of taking Enugu back to the mountain top thereby making Enugu state great again.*

*Taking it to the streets and the market of Oji River L.G.A*

*#His Excellency in handshake with the Leader of Meat Sellers*

*I shall print this pics and locate this woman at Oji River to hand it over to her so she can keep it her archive that she met the Incoming Governor of Enugu State*

*#Exit Dance with the Blind Music Band*

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